invitation to critique

I invite all native speakers of the Tswana language to share your insights and criticisms.

A long term goal of this website is to compile a list of the most frequently used words in the Tswana language to give learners a practical working lexicon for conversational speech. Therefore, I invite you to contribute word lists appropriate to each part of speech.


Now, unlike most approaches to language acquisition that emphasize speech and vocabulary, this website will focus on the rather unsexy subject of grammar.


Without a blueprint, all you ever have is bricks. That is to say, without grammar, all you have is words. This website will draft a blueprint for learners of Setswana using grammar charts and tables to deconstruct the language.


Conversely, without bricks, all you ever have is a blueprint. This website does not claim to be comprehensive, but is instead meant to supplement an independent study of Setswana vocabulary.